Lauren McMurchie



   McMunchie, Munchie box to Ruesha and for a while McMunchie the Brave   but that didn't last thankfully haa =P!

  Best moment in football?

  Playing in the second phase of the Champions League in Norway with City   against quality teams like Frankfurt!

  Worst moment in football?

  Unfortunately there's been a few.. Losing 1-0 to Zvezda in the last minute of   a Champions League game, being beaten by France u17's and missing a good   chance to score in that game to qualify fo the Finals and World Cup.. BUT   rupturing my cruciate in La Manga has definitely been the WORST:(

  Most difficult opponent?

  Probably Birgit Prinz!! Although I barely got near her because I was actually playing RIGHT WING that game:O haha.

Best goal scored?

I don't really score many sooo.. my penalty re-take in the semi-final penalty shoot out of the SWFL League Cup was probably more important than any other as if I had missed we would have been put out:)

One player you're glad to have in your team and why?

Lisa Evans.. My fellow chuckle brother from our years with St Johnstone:D..She's sofast and commits defenders! In the good old days at Saints I've seen her win games on her own:P and luckily for me she can make an over hit pass look good:) I am so glad I play with her and not against her:D!!

Team supported as a girl?


Favourite player?
Probably Xavi, he's pretty good:D

Current male player you are most like and why?
Not really sure! But I think I play similarly to Alonso, just getting on the ball and passing and assisting goals:) haha

Football ambitions?
To become regular first team player at City and to win the Champions League one day:)

Last movie seen?
Toy Story 3

Favourite band/artist?

I like loads of music but I have a soft spot for Avril Lavigne haa:)

Favourite food?
Mince, tatties and cabbage.. Oh and gravy,cant beat it!!

Favourite colour?

T.V show you don't miss?
The Inbetweeners, hilarious:D

Eastenders or Corrie?
Hmm.. not a big fan of either but Corrie is growing on me just now I have to say:P

Tea or Coffee?
I don’t like either but I can make a pretty good tea

Sweet or Savoury?


One fact about you that no one knows?
I was a member of the Singing Kettle Fanclub when I was younger:P