Ruesha Littlejohn

  Centre Forward

  Ruesh, angel or hottie lol

  Best moment in football?

  Winning the league with City,going to the Uefa Cup and playing   
  for the Scotland Under 19's in the European Championship finals
  in France.

  Worst moment in football?

  Our Scottish Cup final defeat two years ago and in France as we didn’t get a point!

Most difficult opponent?

In my first year with the Under 19's we played Germany and they didn’t stop running. I spent the game defending and not attacking - not good

Best goal scored?

My first ever Scotland goal and the one I scored against Finland.

One player you're glad to have in your team and why?

My shadow…Sue Lappin! Great footballer and a big game player. No one in the country can time her runs into the box as well as she does and score so many goals from that position…and she can run when she wants to lol!!

Team supported as a girl?

Ethopia and Celtic :)

Favourite player?

Steven Gerrard is the man!! And he will marry me one day!

Current male player you are most like and why?
Eh Sebo

Football ambitions?
Wiin the league with City again and also win the Scottish Cup this season. I would love to move away and play professional one day.

Last movie seen?
Role Models is amazing lol …do you know what I had for breakfast?

Favourite band/artist?

You must love the beats of dj vance lol....favourite band would be Westlife

Favourite food?
Just salads, pastas,water etc not really a fan of indian food and irn bru..honest

Favourite colour?
Lime green

T.V show you don't miss?
Not really a tv geek but Prison Break is dyna

Eastenders or Corrie?
Wednesday night is fitness :)

Tea or Coffee?
Irn Bru?

Sweet or Savoury?


One fact about you that no one knows?

I am a model