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Previously in the Spotlight

Leeanne Campbell , Jane Ross, Katharina Lindner, Leanne Ross, Suzanne Lappin, Emma Fernon


  Donna Shaw


  Donaldo, at my last club we used to call each other by boy names and it has just
  stuck I don't know where the 'o' came from.

 Best moment in football?

Being selected for the under 20's Scotland squad and getting a wee run out too.

Worst moment in football?

That would be when Newburgh folded. I captained the side for a couple of seasons and it was a hard one to take.

Most difficult opponent?

Debbie McWinnie, you give her an inch and she will score.

Best goal scored?

It would be the one against Hibs this season, we got a free kick I saw that Miss Ross wanted to take it quickly so I made my run early the ball in was excellent I just had to touch it and it went in the bottom corner. At that time I was actually working for Gemma Fay, th Hibs keeper, so it was all the more sweeter.

One player you're glad to have in your team and why?
When I came to City I was taken back with the amount of quality at one club so here goes - I will say Megan Sneddon as she is consistantly brilliant. A grafter who wins the ball and passes it on. She rarely gives away possession and is outstanding in the air. She even comes up with a goal now and again.

Team supported as a girl?


Favourite player?

Past would be Paul Merson, Present is Messi

Current male player you are most like and why?
I would like to think I'm like John Terry of Chelsea, he is a left centre half who is intimidating to his opponents. You can see that he is a organiser like myself, isn't afraid to tell his team mates what he expects, lacks pace but his positional sense is great and does what it takes to win.

Football ambitions?
.To win the league with City and get to europe this year.

Last movie seen?
No Country For Old Men, And I'm still confused about it lol.

Favourite band/artist?

Sarah McLachlan

Favourite food?
Chicken Fajitas

Favourite colour?

T.V show you don't miss?

Eastenders or Corrie?

Tea or Coffee?

Sweet or Savoury?


One fact about you that no one knows?
I used to play the drums for a rock and roll band in Perth we made a cd and everything ha ha it's so bad lol