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Suzanne Lappin   Name
 Suzanne Lappin

   Centre Midfielder

  Sue n only Sue.....none of this Lappy!


Best moment in football?
Qualifying for the European Championship Finals with the Scotland under 19s as we were the first team at male or female level to ever achieve this. I was also the captain which made it that extra special for me!

Worst moment in football?

Last seasons Scottish Cup final still haunts me as we did not do ourselves justice. Also being unable to go away to Moldova with the Scotland under 19s as I was just starting University was a low point for me..which Leeanne eased the pain of by singing, " You're not captain anymore"..Thanks Leeanne!

Most difficult opponent?

Anita Asante who plays for Arsenal. I played against her for Scotland under 17s, I still have nightmares about chasing her!

Best goal scored?

My goal against Kilmarnock in the Scottish Cup game in my first season at City! Suprisingly enough it was a header. We got a free kick and I took it early and played it to wee Kirsty, I continued my run into the box and she crossed and I met it with a header! Think PK who was the Killie goalie is still bealing,lol! Doesn't sound that great but it was a classic eh Kirst?!

One player you're glad to have in your team and why?
Wee Ruesha! She is a quality player..pace, can dribble and can score goals!! Most importantly though, she's City 'til she dies!! I think she has the potential to be one of the best players in Scotland!

Team supported as a girl?

Favourite player?
I've got to say Henrik Larsson as he's my bhoy!!

Current male player you are most like and why?
I am going to give everyone a laugh by saying Cesc Fabregas!!lol..i wish! No let me explain why! He scores a lot of goals from centre midfield, he has good quick feet and he creates a lot of opportunities for the forwards. All of which I would like to think I can do! He is also not the quickest player which resembles myself! He unfortunately is not as good in the air as me,lol!

Football ambitions?
To win the League and Scottish Cup this season with City and to continue to be the most successful team in Scotland!

Last movie seen?
PS I Love You

Favourite band/artist?
Westlife (And no one better say they are not a band)

Favourite food?

Favourite colour?

T.V show you don't miss?
Home and Away

Eastenders or Corrie?
Eastenders all the way!!

Tea or Coffee?

Sweet or Savoury?
Sweet like me!

One fact about you that no one knows?
I used to go to Disco Dancing when I was younger…I obviously never got any recalls hence why I became a footballer!