Jill Paterson

 Usually defence but anywhere will do

  Miss P

  Best moment in football?

  Winning Premier League!

  Worst moment in football?

  My previous team Newburgh folding. Spent my first senior years there, very hard to take.

Most difficult opponent?
Kim Little.

Best goal scored?

Probably the goal I scored for Newburgh a few seasons ago against Aberdeen. Just struck it as hard as I could from outside the box.

One player you're glad to have in your team and why?
Megan Sneddon. Such a valuable player shown by the two awards she won this season. Probably the best complete midfielder in Scotland who has pretty much everything in her locker.

Team supported as a girl?

Glasgow Rangers

Favourite player?

Past - Brian Laudrup and Jorg Albertz. Present - Kevin Thomson and Allan McGregor

Current male player you are most like and why?
Philipp Lahm - He is a pacey defender, who has a hard shot on goal. He can also play in a number of positions.

Football ambitions?
To play in Europe

Last movie seen?
Just bought Saw IV

Favourite band/artist?

Kanye West - the concert was amazing.

Favourite food?

Favourite colour?

T.V show you don't miss?
One Tree Hill

Eastenders or Corrie?

Tea or Coffee?

Sweet or Savoury?


One fact about you that no one knows?

I used to tap dance when I was younger