Laura Williamson


  Laurawills, Wills, William and a couple of new  

  ones - Willzer and Wilbur

  Best moment in football?

  Winning the League with City last season.

Worst moment in football?

Leaving Newburgh was hard as I had been there for nine seasons and it was tough to see them fold.

Most difficult opponent?
Hmmmm...there are a few, but I would say our own attack is pretty frightening when you are in goals.

Best goal scored?

From the half way line when I played outfield at Under 16's.

One player you're glad to have in your team and why?

It is hard to pick with so much quality in our team. Probably Megan for her work rate, especially breaking other teams down in the midfield.

Team supported as a girl?

Manchester United

Favourite player?

David Beckham

Current male player you are most like and why?
Oh I don't know!

Football ambitions?
Win all domestic competitions this year and progress one stage further in Europe.

Last movie seen?
Juno - "Next time I see that Bleeker kid, I am going to punch him in the weiner." H-I-L-arious

Favourite band/artist?

Too many, but to name a few - Air Traffic, Pink, Kylie, Snow Patrol, 3 Doors Down, Kings of Leon.....

Favourite food?

Favourite colour?

T.V show you don't miss?
X-Factor, Hollyoaks, Friends!!!

Eastenders or Corrie?
Both, Easties is a bit better just now though

Tea or Coffee?

Sweet or Savoury?


One fact about you that no one knows?

Hmmmm....I used to be in the Royal Navy Reserves..