Plural Plus sign up to sponsor Christie       

Glasgow City are delighted to announce that Plural Plus have signed up to sponsor first team star Christie Murray for the season ahead.

Plural Plus is the internationally recognised market leader in the delivery of training and consultancy services.  Plural offers a wide range of accredited training courses which are tailored to meet the needs of an individual client or our corporate clients both large and small.

Commenting on her company’ sponsorship, Rosalind Robertson said, “What impressed me about Glasgow City is the dedication and commitment of the first team, the coaches and other staff.  This is a professional team who train five nights a week, whilst those involved are in full time employment/study.  The standard of play, the player’s skills and of course the results just prove that Glasgow City Ladies FC is a first class team.  This type of dedication and commitment has to be admired and when I found out that some of the players needed sponsors, I was delighted to help out. 

“In particular, we were impressed with the skills of Christie Murray and we are very pleased to be able to support Christie’s career at Glasgow City in this way.”

If you would also like to sponsor a City star, please get in touch with

The assistance of sponsorship is vital for the City players and your help is greatly appreciated. Please get in touch for a no obligation sponsorship pack.

City's Christie Murray pictured. With thanks to Lorraine Hill for image