Glasgow City head for weekend training camp

Scottish Champions Glasgow City have organised a three day training camp for all First Team and Reserve Team players.

Glasgow City have been back in full swing with pre-season training over the last few weeks with all the players coming into the club 5 nights a week and on a Sunday afternoon, to step up their fitness for the season opening on 21st February.

However, not content with the hard work already put in, Glasgow City have now become the first ever club side to put on an all weekend Training Camp.

The weekend of 5th, 6th and 7th February, will see all First Team and Reserve Team players come together to train for the entire weekend and will also include all coaches from the newly set up Under 15 and Under 13 teams.

The club have booked accommodation and meals for all the players and staff over the weekend on the outskirts of Glasgow and the camp will include training sessions on Friday night, 2 sessions on Saturday and another on the Sunday.

The camp will give everyone the opportunity to forge a strong togetherness within the club and as well as honing the fitness of the players. It will also allow the coaches to get information across to the players at a series of meetings which are scheduled.

Manager Peter Caulfield said, “This is an enormous undertaking for the club financially to put on a weekend Training Camp and I feel it will bring tremendous benefit to everyone, but especially to the players. It is another example of the professionalism of Glasgow City that we leave no stone unturned in order to improve everything we do”.