Emma Fernon Women's Soccer Scene interview

Ahead of Sunday’s Henson Scottish Cup Final, Glasgow City defender Emma Fernon was interviewed by Women’s Soccer Scene.

WSS - How are you looking forward to the final and the chance of winning the treble?
EF - Our goal at the start of the season was, first and foremost to win the league. I am absolutely delighted with the domestic season we have had so far. The Cups are a bonus and of course having won the League Cup we are delighted to having a chance of winning the Scottish Cup.

WSS - What would winning the treble mean to you and the club, if you achieve it?
EF - We don't talk about winning the treble, we have one game of football to play and it so happens to be for the Scottish Cup. That is our main focus, to win that Cup on Sunday.

WSS - Does it matter that you will go into the game as hot favourites?
EF - No. Domestically we go into every game as "hot favourites". It’s a tag we are used to living up to each season.

WSS - Forfar Farmington had a great finish to the season and took the runners-up spot - how big a threat do you think they will be?
EF - Having played them 4 times already this season, we are well aware the of the threats they pose us in the Scottish Cup final.

WSS - Where do you feel Forfar's biggest strengths are?
EF -Their team work. They work very hard collectively and are well organised which makes them difficult to break down.

WSS - So often the players who score the goals take the bulk of the plaudits during the season but do you feel there are any players in the squad who don't get the credit they should?
EF - I think our stats say it all. Defensively we have only conceded 7 goals as a team. We have scored 148 in the League and every player has contributed to that tally. Therefore it’s easy to see that we defend and attack as a team.

WSS - What is the main factor that keeps driving Glasgow City on towards more successes?
EF - I feel there is a number of reasons why this club is very successful. Over the past couple of seasons we have lost experienced and talented players like Leanne Campbell and Kat Lindner. However, the recruitment of top players and the promotion of young players has helped maintain the stability of the club. As a coach Eddie has high demands of players and you must be at training and live your life properly off the park. All the players are highly motivated to compete and progress through the Women’s Champions League. Laura (Montgomery) and Cas (Carol Anne Stewart) also work extremely hard off the park, ensuring we are treated like professionals as much as possible. I have been with GCFC for 9 seasons now, and this club has grown bigger and bigger each season.

Picture of Emma in action by Graeme Berry