Eddie back from Barca

Glasgow City Head Coach, Eddie Wolecki, has just returned from a 3 day fact finding mission of FC Barcelona’s youth system.

This visit was his second to the European Champions, but perhaps the most fruitful yet. With ‘access all areas’, Wolecki was allowed to study in detail the processes and development plans at the world’s most successful football club.

With arguably the best youth system on the planet for developing world class talent, Wolecki was able to discuss his own plans for City, fine tuning them with some precious hints and tips picked up from his Barca counterparts.

Discussing the visit, Wolecki said, “This was a fantastic trip. I am always full of ideas and plans, but this has 100% got me focused on what is right for the development of Glasgow City Football Club. My philosophy has not changed, but there are a few extra areas now that I am looking at tweaking. It was an honour to be a guest at Barcelona and I will certainly be going back again sometime in the not too distant future, but in the meantime, it is a very exciting time for the whole club at Glasgow City, and one that if we all buy into, will reap huge rewards for years to come.”