Caulfield defiant in defeat

Manager Peter Caulfield remains extremely positive about the fortunes of Glasgow City after Sunday’s agonising 3-2 defeat to Hibernian in Edinburgh.


With the Glasgow side snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, it was a hard day for all associated with the club, however, the manager had plenty to say about his side.


“It was an extremely sore result for all the players and staff as we had worked so hard for over an hour to get into a very strong position in the match. We had scored 2 very well taken goals and had dominated the match until that point, which made it all the harder to take that three individual errors in a 15 minute spell meant we left Edinburgh with nothing, when no one would have denied us at least a point, if not all three, for the performance we produced.


“For us there are hard lessons to be learned, in that we must learn to concentrate and be completely focused throughout the entire 90 minutes.


“In more recent games against Hibernian we have had periods of play where I felt we have shown what we are capable of, but a mixture of inexperience and mistakes proved costly, and all credit to Hibernian they have deserved their victories. But I am convinced that Sunday was a turning point for the team. We showed great character in the first hour, where along with the goals, we created a number of other great opportunities while Hibernian never forced a save from our keeper.


“We were organised and disciplined and played some great football throughout the match, which bodes well for the future.


“Football has always shown that you can never be certain of anything until the final whistle blows and we have to add a bit of mental toughness and some guile to our team to enable us to see things through.


"We will be working harder than ever to improve this aspect of the team but in terms of the quality of our football and the skill and dedication of all the players at the club, we can be extremely proud.”